Loft Apartment Interior

Design Lab

Staging and Creative Design

For over a decade, Oobi Childs, founder of Design Lab, has provided clients in Georgia and Florida with professional design solutions. Using a psychological approach to how we perceive visuals, Oobi and the Design Lab team embark on a unique creative journey with each client.  Whether it's staging your home to sell, recreating the space you live in, or realizing bigger profits and occupancy rates on your vacation rentals, Design Lab delivers the expertise and styling you demand.

Living Room


From an early age, Oobi realized that design was her calling. Visually stimulated by the works of her incredibly talented parents, she grew up watching creations come to life in her home and learned that design is a process, not a destination. Her idea is to work with what you have and love, and grow into your style over time as your budget allows.  Design is about experimentation, and every room is a laboratory. This is how Design Lab was born.